Doom Tips
Welcome to my Doom Tips Page. If you want tips
on how to avoid becoming the demon's next
dinner item(especially at the higher skill levels),
then this is the page for you.
1.Learn how to strafe!!! It is one of the most important controls in DOOM.

2.Do not pick up a soulsphere/megasphere/blue armor when you have 199% health/armor. These artifacts are
rare and can be extremely helpful. Soulspheres provide a 100% boost to health (you can have a max of 200%
without cheats in most DOOM versions) meaning if you have 199% health and you pick up a soulsphere, you
only get 1% due to the 200% limit and you will have wasted 99% of the artifact. The same applies to all artifacts.

3.Use a Source Port (I recommend ZDOOM for Single Player). ZDOOM has a feature on the map which tells you
how many monsters you have killed and how many monsters are in the level. Since you don't know what kind of
monsters exist (unless you see them all), be careful. Most monsters can be dealt with a Super Shotgun. The map
also tells you about secrets (how many you find and how many there are in the level.

4.Monsters of different kinds can fight each other.

5.Save your game, especially after and before a rough fight.

6.Hiding and running away will save your life more than once.

7.Always be on the lookout for an ambush.

8.Some of the weaker monsters are actually deadlier than you may think.

9.If you are having trouble, watch a demo, play on a lower difficulty, or play with a friend!!
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